Saturday 14 July 2012

Scavenger Girl

When I've not been gesso-ing, I thought I'd ease myself back into the rhythm of painting with a couple of single miniatures, and the one that got finished was this:

A scavenger from em4. She'll be facing off against zombies, apes, and anything else the post-apocalyptic landscape can throw at her in due course. She's a nicely versatile little miniature, laden down with baggage as she is:

I especially like her Dead Man's Shoes-esque gasmask. I painted her with jeggings, as I thought that was a little more practical than going bare-legged while the world falls apart...

I've also received this lovely little bundle of joy:

Knight Models General Grievous and Magna Guard (I'd been watching a lot of the Clone Wars series when I saw these...). They're gorgeous, although the studio paintjobs are a little intimidating... I got mine from Wayland Games, great service and a great price!

Which brings the tally to:

58 vs 89 = -31

Once again, for each step I take forward I take several back. I'm tempted to set myself some grandiose challenge, like trying to hit 100 painted miniatures by the time I hit my 100th post, but I might settle for wrestling the tally back to zero (or dare I say it, into the positive...)


  1. Very nice too and shiny Star Wars stuff - does it get any better? Looking forward to seeing these painted up.

  2. I don't think her shirt is as practical as her jeggings :P