Sunday 11 September 2011

The Captain!

...his name is The Captain (see the Nextwave theme song here if you don't get the reference)

So yeah, several years after originally planning to do Nextwave in miniature, and only a couple of months after suitable Heroclix minis came out, I've actually finished painting something!

The freehand "Heartstar of the space between the galaxies" isn't perfect, but his sneakers look nice from this distance, so hey, it's a win overall I guess. I've got the rest of the Nextwave squad in the painting queue in various stages of completedness, but who knows when my fancy will swing this way again... (although, I yesterday discovered that Heroclix have made a Dirk Anger fig... but if I get that, I'll need to convert some wacky figs, like windmill-faced Samurai, apes dressed as Wolverine, and cuddly koala bears of doom...)

Finishing The Captain brings the tally to:

98 vs 270 = -172

Only a couple to go to break a century! I wish I had better focus. Once this post goes up, I'm planning on going back to painting my 3rd edition Blood Bowl Human team. However, it's entirely likely that I'll get distracted and start painting the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond, a not-Ash (of Evil Dead fame), or even Judge Dredd.

But don't quote me on that, I've got a load of miniatures ready for undercoating...

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