Wednesday 9 February 2011

Good morning Charlie...

...good morning angels:

What, those aren't the angels you were expecting? Painted three of these lovely minis from Crooked Dice today, since I am easily distracted from finishing half-painted miniatures by the allure of shiny things. Admittedly, I undercoated another 21 miniatures today, so I'm probably not helping matters...

Pictured alongside the four I converted last year:

you really wonder 'what was he thinking when he painted those?', which shows the benefit of using reference material rather than just painting from memory (hey, I remembered the Angels as being greener. Plus, admittedly I didn't use reference material for today's work, but I have looked at a picture of a Weeping Angel in the last fortnight, so that counts surely?)

Anyway, with that little lot there's enough to suitably menace the Tardis:

Although as we all know, there's no such thing as enough, and I've already started thinking about converting some of the mouldy looking angels that appeared in the new series out of some bits I've got knocking around, attention span willing...

Which brings us to:

26 vs 17 = +9

Not bad, but it would be nice to be in double figures again... That being said, there are 3 or 4 minis appraching completion in the painting queue, but them getting finished depends on me not suddenly fancying painting something else (such as the undercoated spies in the 7tv drawer...)


  1. fetch me my sonic dry brush k9...
    (a k9 mini would be cool)

  2. In that case, carefully study the pictures in my first post...