Wednesday 1 December 2021

I am a robot

I go beep beep beep beep bop (probably, it’s been a while since my daughter has tried to explain the song stuck in her head that goes like that, to my absolute bemusement). Niche references aside, I recently painted this handsome chap:

Which you may or may not recall was sculpted by the needlessly talented SpaceCowSmith as part of a trade back in July:

You’ll notice that his arms are positioned slightly differently than when he first came to me, as well as having a missing knuckle - this is due to him falling off a table battling in space.

He took a very long time to get painted, mostly due to getting option paralysis after undercoating. In the end I went back to the source material and settled on red (after considering yellow, blue, multi-coloured…), and then weathered it to within an inch of it’s life, because I wanted him to look like a grubby little space robot. The rear panel looked like a perfect spot for a decades old transfer:

Thankfully it was still good. I imagine it being a warning not to shoot that bit, as that’s where the power plant is - so considerate! Also, hazard stripes on the gun - frustrating to do (so much tidying up and straightening!) but worth the effort, I think.


38 vs 23 = +15

So, if I finish a mini every 2.2 days for the rest of the year, I’ll hit the average of one a week for the whole year. Challenging, but theoretically achievable…


  1. What a cute and unique figure! Great paintjob on him, he looks really grimy and bashed around.

  2. Huzzah! Great to see the little chap painted!