Friday, 25 February 2011

Step right up, sports fans...

because Blood Bowl's in town:

I thought it might be nice to get something that I might actually get a game in of, which led to a few bids on ebay and a few quick texts to Uncle Johnny. I fondly remember the third edition human team (ah, the nostalgia of a decade ago...), so plumped for these as my team (and hey, they come in the box! That makes it a smart and frugal purchase right?)

A note on Uncle Johnny: He's not actually my uncle, and has only once referred to himself as Uncle Johnny, when he said I could have these

after debating the pros and cons of second edition vs third edition human sculpts (I prefer third, he prefers second, must be a generational thing), and so Uncle Johnny he shall stay for the forseeable future. Yes, that's half a thrower, cue John with the awesome idea of sticking him on a stretcher covered in a green stuff blanket with a new hand... The most awesome surprise though was that it was the old metal team (when John said he had some old third edition blood bowl humans I could have, I assumed he meant the plastics!)

The other thing that John gave me (because he's just that nice) was this:

A dwarf ref converted from an RT era plastic squat, which I think is rather cool, complete with whistle and red card. I think John said this little chap was built and painted around 1992...

Fingers crossed we'll be able to get a game in at some point.

Which brings us to:

24 players + 2 star players in the blood bowl box, 10 in uncle johnny's package (not including the already painted ref or half a thrower) =

34 vs 63 = -29
Bugger. Double bugger, as I know the postman's on his way with a joblot of miniatures that I bought because... well, I wanted a few of them, needed a couple of them, and the price was right, even if the total number of models was going to have an adverse effect on the tally (although hopefully I'll be able to trade away/sell the excess - TheMightyFlip gets first dibs though as part of a gentlemen's agreement). Looking on the bright side though, If I paint up a blood bowl team and finish off the fourteen miniatures I've been dabbing at over the last week, I'll have broken even again, and can then happily attack the joblot like a kitten full of sugar until the numbers balance out again. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to be all doom and gloom, and wail abouth the fact that the month is almost over and I've only finished eleven miniatures so far...

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