Saturday, 21 April 2018

Post-Salute 2018 post

Only a week after the actual event - did I mention that I'm not a fan of the Blogger app being killed off?

The night before Salute, I made a meme after seeing that Troll Trader were running their usual 'first 50 people spending over a certain amount get a goody bag':

My first stop at the show was their stand, where I bought the Collector's Edition of The Walking Dead game from Mantic, so I guess Dark Side Kermit won there...

Ah, early morning starts, everyone's favourite, but a pilgrimage requires sacrifice:

(I think at this point I'd already been ignoring my alarm for twenty minutes)

The usual Salute outfit of Jayne hat - this year was unseasonably warm though, so it spent most of the day in my bag, leading to complaints from my companions that they then couldn't find me.

My phone is alas on the way out, and doesn't hold charge as well as it used to, so less photos than usual, presented in almost no order:

[Obligatory queueing shot]

Modiphius Fallout miniatures: 

I like them, but at a larger scale than my existing stuff, I'm not sure if I'll get any (he says, setting up for future 'well, although last year I said...' posts. Wait, didn't I say last year that I wasn't going to get The Walking Dead?)

One of the thing's I was most excited to see was Mantic's upcoming Hellboy kickstarter - alas, there was only a handful of preview miniatures, and no game content, but look how pretty they are!

Particularlyexciting is that it looks like there's a mechanic for the frog monsters to evolve from little swarms up to big gribblies...

There was a rather large and nice Star Wars Legion table:

(read again my comments about the Fallout game re: larger scale, me not investing)

Mantic were running a paint and take table, so I tried my hand at knocking out a Star Saga Scientist:

Not bad for half hour with a large brush!

I'm not going to count him as painted for the Tally just yet, as I think I'll repaint his face (as it took a couple of goes with the brush I had to get it to this state of acceptability, but could definitely be improved), as well as potentially changing the colours of some things like his kneepads, maybe adding a Vault number to the back of his suit so that I can use him for Fallout, as well as rebasing him!

I managed to snap some pictures of Fireforge Games' upcoming Fantasy Northern troops, and they're rather lovely:

I wasn't sure how they'd look in the flesh, as pre-production renders seen online can hide a multitude of sins (Wargame Factory zombies being one of the most well-known examples of this) but they look like they take paint pretty well:

I think with some custom shields they'll make ideal House Bolton troops for my Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire project, as well as providing some additional bits for House Stark kitbashes...

I took this photo of a Bad Squiddo table to use as an inspirational image for future scatter terrain building, as I think that those rubble and broken pipe pieces look great!

This is an awful picture of a lovely Crooked Dice Post-Apocalyptic table - I think they were running two games on the same table, one with plant zombies and one with dune buggies?

Got to see Angel Giraldez painting again - insert the now traditional 'so handsome, so talented, it just isn't fair' comment!

Joe, our DM, is a feeder. This is fine with me. Picnic lunch with some old friends that I hadn't seen in a while, including Ciarron, who long-time followers may remember from a Salute post a few years back where we both got super excited about the Batman Miniatures game, bought a bunch of stuff and vowed to play. We still haven't.

Someone had painted up their Westfalia Northern Mercenaries kickstarter and entered it in the painting competition! I really should paint mine...

Now, the real meat of any Salute post - the loot!

  • Rogue Stars Psions (because one looks like farmboy Luke with a lightsaber, and the other is a froggy looking alien)
  • Frostgrave Barbarian Tracker (to fill out the kitbashed Wildlings that have been sat on my hobby desk since last summer)
  • Rumbleslam goblin & Kromlech orc pilot from my Troll Trader goody bag
  • Assorted dice and badges
  • Heresy Ebric the Doomed (as I try to always buy something from Heresy - support the companies you love or they might not still be around next year!)
  • 2 Crooked Dice Wasteland Warriors (to add some greater female representation to my Survivors collection)
  • '!' tokens from Fenris, to use with the set of zombie rules I'm working on
  • Some Hasslefree Survivors
  • An assortment of Wargames Illustrated Giants in Miniature models, to get the show-exclusive Druid
  • [heavily inspired by] Fallout / Mass Effect / Star Wars miniatures from Brother Vinni 
  • This year's show mini
Also, the Mantic Walking Dead game, plus a selection of bits from my goody bag, like a couple of rulebooks, a cardboard building that is the perfect size for 1/144 Gundam models, a stencil, some weathering powder, a bunch of beer mats and a handful of sweets!

Fun fact - after Salute, I went for dinner at my Mother-in-Law's, where I showed my daughter the miniature that I had painted that day, which then vanished without a trace. Several days later, he turned up in grandma's bag...

Adding everything up (and factoring in the things that sold on eBay just before the show) brings the Tally to:

9 vs -36 = +27

I'm thinking that I might have to reconsider my 'board game pieces don't count towards the Tally for acquisition' when some of the games come with what are clearly miniatures, as they Tally would look a lot less robust after buying The Walking Dead game! I'm selling some more bits on eBay in preparation for the aforementioned Hellboy Kickstarter, so expect to see the Tally distort even further...

In other news, the sun briefly came out in the UK, and the sound of rattle cans resounded across the land as we had that perfect combination, a warm day with no wind. Not me though, as by the time everything was sorted and my daughter was settled in bed it was ten at night, but I'm not one to let something like that stop me so I set about getting a bunch more odds and ends into the painting queue:

Top Tip: though you might think you've been very careful with your spraying box, in the cold light of day it usually turns out you've sprayed a black line onto the paving slabs in the garden.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

I Spy with my little Eye...

Another mini plucked from the painting queue because it took my fancy, this time a Copplestone spy-fi type for 7tv:

Not a lot to say other than that really... Nice sculpt, Dark Reaper basecoat for the usual reasons...

Not my finest facial paintjob, and unusually I painted his pupils using an actual brush rather than a micron pen:

This is the first set of posted pictures taken using my wife's new lightbox. Better images mean you can see my painting better, which isn't necessarily a good thing...

Despite the closeness of Salute, I also bought a miniature this week. A nice chap on one of the Facebook groups had listed a bunch of out of production Doctor Who miniatures for sale, so I grabbed the 'not-Rory' that Crooked Dice used to make that I missed out on the first time round:

Also as it's Salute soon, my eBay auctions finished and some miniatures have gone off to their new homes, which leaves the Tally looking positively wacky:

9 vs -54 = +45

Not to worry though, just think of it as pre-Salute buffer...

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Stick them with the pointy end...

(I'm going to regret having used this blog post title already if I ever get round to making an Arya Stark, but everything else I thought of was absolutely terrible...)

Well, onto the point of this post - I finished this beauty this week:

A promo resin from Westfalia Miniatures. When I got her last Salute, I vowed to myself that I would get her painted up straight away, rather than taking most of a year like the previous one, but here we are having taken a fortnight longer than that. I started off strong, getting her based and undercoated, and painted her skin, then stalled. Fast forward several months of me looking at her in my painting queue sadly, telling myself I couldn't do her beautiful sculpt justice.

But then, Salute loomed on the horizon, and I found myself gazing into the painting queue once more after finishing the garages and plucked out a few half-finished gems that caught my eye and managed to get her finished up in less than a week.

She's got a real Anna Henrietta from The Witcher vibe to her that I really enjoy:

I still think that my painting skills aren't up to the job of really doing justice to this sculpt, but it was such a pleasure to paint that I'm glad I plunged ahead!

My wife has recently ordered herself a mini photo booth to take pictures for her business, so even if the painting doesn't get any better, the photography may well do soon...

She isn't the only movement on the Tally though, as my Necromunda pre-order arrived:

Mad Donna and Kal Jericho, that I've coveted for years, and so jumped at the chance when they were made available again, despite my vow to save all my pennies for Salute.


8 vs 3 = +5

In other news, whilst digging through my collection of half-finished projects I pulled out my Sisters of Battle miniatures and thought that I should probably get around to finishing them, and the next day they announced that they were coming back in plastic, so I may in fact be magic.

In other other news, I've listed some spare bits and bobs on eBay to make some Salute spending money, so if you want to buy some you can do so here to further perpetuate the cycle of me acquiring toys.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Meet me round the back of the garages...

Attention-grabbing image to lure in that ever-dwindling blog readership from whatever dashboard they use to consume such things:

So, as mentioned last post, I've managed to get the rough framework of a set of zombie rules that I've had bouncing around in my head for a few years down on paper, which got me to thinking - what's a piece of terrain that it makes sense for survivors to be able to scavenge in? You have to suspend your disbelief somewhat when your survivor finds a bundle of supplies and weapons in a comic shop, but a set of grotty storage garages (you know the kind, you used to smoke behind them as a wayward teen) make much more sense...

So, like all good model-makers, I started out with a rough plan, that was part scale drawing, part mood board:

I decided to make a run of three connected garages, figuring that it would make a nicely sized piece of terrain without taking up too much space, and decided to give it a sloped roof to make it look less like a plain box. Then, out came my trusty cork sheet, and after some careful measuring I had all four sides of my garages:

I then cut out the doors, so that I could install tiny scale roller shutters made of corrugated card:

Although I'd originally planned on attaching each 'door' separately, I decided that a piece of card attached along the length of the wall would give a good base for attaching the corrugated card to, as well as providing some additional support to the wall itself. In hindsight, it would perhaps have been better to attach it before cutting out the gaps, as the spars of cork seemed to want to bend away when I was attaching them, but with some careful nudging everything was flush and square again, and being pressed flat under the nearest thing my wife could pass me as both of my hands were occupied nudging things back into position:

Et voila, the frontpiece:

To make the doors, I simply used the cut out pieces as a template to cut corrugated card scavenged from takeaway coffee cup sleeves (which I was able to find surprisingly few of in my store of supplies, despite the fact that it feels like I've been hoarding them for years for just such an occasion as this):

And then into the gaps they went:

Then it was just a case of putting the box together - using some of the offcut pieces of cork from making the doors, I cut them in half, then half again, and then halved them corner to corner to make some 90 degree corner supports:

I also glued a few together to make some supports to help keep the walls straight (as cork can get a little bit bendy if the piece is too long):

I felt that it could do with something a little extra at this point, so decided to stipple some filler over the walls to give a little bit of texture and disguise the joins:

Then comes the roof - despite being aware of the valuable advice 'measure twice, cut once' I somehow managed to place the cut in the corrugated card I was using one rib too short, resulting in this:

In my defence, I measured twice, here's the mark in the right place, it just seems that in turning the piece over twice whilst deciding whether it would be better to cut it from one side or the other I seemed to slip a rib over...

Cue measuring and cutting a whole new roof piece, with the old one getting thrown into the scraps box for recycling in another project...

I briefly considered making the roof be a drop in piece, and attached the corrugated card to a thin card base, but when it started to warp (the corrugated card comes as a roll, and the thin card wasn't too happy at being glued) I decided to make it a sealed piece, and so glued it on and left it to press under, again, whatever was within arms reach - in this case, a fuzzy felt book, a Walking Dead scenery booster from Mantic, and some sort of rock salt candle holder, to create a pile that was heavy enough to keep the roof flattened, but not so heavy that it would crush the whole construction!

After a couple of days, I got bored of waiting for the snow to go away, so spray undercoated like this:

It was very cold. The snow melted the next day.

I borrowed some white acrylic from my daughter's art supplies to put a rough basecoat on the walls - it did not cover very well, but given that I was aiming for a pretty grotty, semi-abandoned look, I was pretty happy with that:

Well, until I applied a dirty wash around the bottom and flecks of white paint started coming off on my brush, but I was able to cover that up with some careful mud stippling.

Plenty of drybrushing and careful application of spot washes later, the roof got some very rusty weathering, and I applied some flock growth and a little static grass growing out from under the roof to make them look a little unloved, and voila, done!

(I nipped home at lunchtime during the week to take these pictures in the garden with natural light).

I don't know what I'm going to do next - I've been weirdly unmotivated to paint miniatures recently, although with Salute looming ever closer I should probably try and build a little more of a buffer into the Tally...