Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Old rulebooks...

...have the best quotes (not always intentionally), whether it's Feskitt Bobb in the Star Wars Miniature Battles Rulebook, or the fact that in the first example scenario in the Doctor Who: Invasion Earth rulebook the consequences of capture by the Daleks is being made to work in the 'Dalek Mine' in the Kentish town of Ashford (I don't remember seeing that growing up, I must have not been looking hard enough).

What's that? Doctor Who: Invasion Earth you say?

Bought from an absolute gentleman by the name of Stavros Banjo over on the LAF, who was an absolute pleasure to do business with. He also had fancy return address labels, which is a bonus too. Lovely lovely, but ten miniatures is ten miniatures, and comes off the tally:

34 vs 27 = +7

And there was me thinking if I can get up to a nice buffer of 25 I can order some more minis... (yes, I'm aware that I just bought miniatures, but in my head whilst the buying was happening I was thinking of it as buying a boxed game, which doesn't really count as buying miniatures until it arrives and you open it to reveal, well, miniatures).

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