Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A discourse on base colour...

...also known as random blather rather than (just) another post along the lines of 'I am weak, I bought things, and thus lose points on the tally' (but don't worry fans of basic mathematics, that'll be up soon).

When I say base colour, I mean literally the colour of the side of a miniature's base. Some people paint them brown or grey to match their table, and flicking through some old White Dwarfs from around fifteen years ago (thankyou ebay) it seems that a disconcertingly bright green was the fashion a while ago. Me? I paint them black. Now, some people argue that the base should be as unobtrusive as possible, blending into the table (and Fenris (iirc) do do some admittedly cool clear bases) so that at a glance it might look like there are actually little men running across your table, but I can admit that I don't paint to a high enough standard to achieve that level of realism. For me, they're miniatures, models, playing-pieces even, and I think a neatly edged black base looks nice. There's no right or wrong answer, that's just how I roll.

And now, as promised, comes the real reason for this post:

Lovely lovely scarecrows from Crooked Dice, to go with the lone dnd prepaint I already had, and the scarecrows from Foundry that I bought because no-one made the sort I was after (inevitably, a week after I bought those the previews of the greens for these started appearing over on the Crooked Dice forums...) These probably won't see the business end of a brush for a while yet, since I plan to at some point get the Gripping Beast scarecrows amongst other things, and I'd prefer to paint them all in one fell swoop rather than piecemeal (as I'm farly bad at matching colours at a later date). That, and the fact that ordering those would be a -12 on the tally, so I need to build up a bit more of a buffer yet... (anyway, it's been three years since the episode first aired, I'm sure it can wait a month or two...)

And thus, I'm now at:

23 vs 17 = +6

But I've got next week off work, so who knows, I might even get round to doing some work on the zombie horde that's sat half-finished in the painting queue for a couple of months now...

Anyways, now to go and prepare myself for tomorrow, that special time of the year when you'll see grown men wrestling children in newsagents around the country: Doctor Who Magazine has free (and appropriately scaled) daleks again...

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  1. there is a wrong answer. those old GW snot green bases were just sick