Sunday, 13 February 2011

I don't need a raise...

...I don't need a paycheck, I'm your number 1 defender:

Yup, oblique music references and dungeons and dragons minis, that's what we're all about. I freely admit that I painted this Iron Defender because it was a quick paintjob, +1 point to the tally!

Next is a survivor for my zombie project, from the frother's sculpting competition set a year or so ago:

A lovely little mini (sculpted by a finnish blogger iirc, whose blog I haven't been able to find since). Annoying, he had a bizarre inverse mould line down one arm, and another mould line on the inside of his other arm that seemed to evade my notice until right at the end... One day, it'll all be holograms and there'll be no more cleaning miniatures (well I can dream...)

Spider-man got some new opposition today too, in the form of this pair of nefarious animal-themed villains:

I'm sure in one of the old Amazing Spider-man arcs they addressed the fact that an unlikely percentage of powered individuals in the Marvel universe were animal themed... Anyhoo, these two are heroclix repaints like the rest of my supers, as you can probably tell from the lack of facial detail - in Scorpion's case, I decided to paint him as if he were wearing some sort of ninja facemask, but I might go back and paint his face in at a later date if I change my mind (although if you think about it, as a criminal it's bad enough that you're so recognisable running round in an animal costume, let alone having your face out... what are the police in the Marvel universe doing with their time?)

The next pair were part of a trade with Svenn, who's always a scholar and a gent:

Anthropomorphic ducks! I'm terrible at internet trades - whenever someone asks what I want, I'll ask for 'something cool, something funny, or something older than I am' which isn't the clearest of requests, I'll admit. So, it was a request like that that ended up with Svenn sending me these (amongst others) Runequest ducks. They'll go in the drawer for Doctor Who, since that's the place they'll most likely see use (we've seen cat people, why not ducks that have evolved to the level of using swords and armour?) As is inevitable with posting pics on the internet at two in the morning, I've noticed that I forgot to paint the buckles on their belts, but that'll be easy enough to fix next time I get a chance.

Finally, we have the master himself:

wearer of the pallid mask, the King in Yellow. I finally got round to reading the King in Yellow a couple of weeks back, so dug out this mini (which was originally a Limited Edition freebie with issue 3 of Strange Aeons magazine, and is I believe no longer available).I wish I could say that I was wearing a tiara and taking instructions from a repairer of reputations whilst painting him, but that'd just be untrue. I originally tried painting a criss-cross pattern on his mask like the cover of the magazine, but it came out looking terrible so he got a repaint back to the standard pallid mask. All I need to do now is build a stage and convert some cultists in theatre masks and we'll be away...

Which brings us to:

33 vs 17 = +16

Bam, back in the double figure positives, which is a nice place to be until I find myself a click away from ordering more miniatures...

My final thought: One day I'll improve my attention span to the point that I start painting a miniature, finish painting a miniature, and then blog about it, rather than my current habit of flitting from miniature to miniature, finishing several at once, and then posting meandering blog posts covering several different genres (if you wanted to look at just Doctor Who minis, for example, clicking that label is going to bring up a whole bunch of other minis too...). But hey, maybe that can be my new year's resolution...

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