Sunday, 13 February 2011

Christmas comes early!

Well, late actually (super-late, if you consider that I think I bought this mini for the christmas before last):

Zombie Santa! The annoying thing to paint wasn't the jolly old soul himself, but rather this:

A pile of dinky presents! Yes, I see that I slipped and smudged some white paint on the bear's paw, I'll fix that another day. Annoyingly, I was bidding on a Sanity Claws mini on ebay, but with five minutes to go zoned out whilst painting the presents, and when I looked up the auction had ended (even worse, it went for just over four pounds - last time I was awake and bidding when one ended, it hit thirteen...). Ah well, maybe next time...

Which brings us to:

34 vs 17 = +17

If I keep this up, I just might have to reward myself...

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