Wednesday, 2 March 2011

It was a good price!

AKA 'how I well and truly murdered any chance of the tally being in the green again'.

Although it didn't start out too badly, with this chap arriving

(Ken,the Partizan zombie, that I'd been after for a while), the tally became an almost insurmountable challenge with the arrival of this:

a big box of miniatures. 95 miniatures, in fact - frankly, it was a good price for the miniatures that I wanted, hopefully the rest can get traded away or sold in order to try and get the tally a little more manageable, as opposed to as it currently stands:

34 vs 159 = -125

In other news, don't you just hate getting ill during time you've booked off from work? It feels like you should be able to claim that holiday back, since you didn't get to use it properly...

Edit - barely five minutes after posting this, the missus brings me this:

taking the tally even further into the red at

34 vs 160 = -126

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