Thursday, 4 May 2017

Rey the Force be with you

Ah, puns and Star Wars, my two loves.

As is my incredibly inconsistent tradition, I painted up something thematic for May the Fourth:

Hasslefree's Kami Riko, which with some minor conversion work makes a very satisfying Rey.

A Rey that's very difficult to photograph, due to her dynamic pose, but satisfying nevertheless.

As is the case with all Hasslefree Miniatures, she was an absolute pleasure to paint - enough detail to enjoy painting, but not so much fussy detail that you spend ages painting gems and pouches only to feel like you're making zero progress. The face is especially nice. Also, highlighting all or the rags was surprisingly therepeutic, whereas normally I'd just give them a drybrush and move onto the next piece!

I also added a piece to her base from a Maelstrom's Edge sprue that came in my Salute goody-bag last year so that it looks like she's fighting to defend a piece of salvage from other scavengers.


18 vs 40 = -22