Monday, 8 May 2017

Making the wastes secure from what exactly?

The next miniature to make it's way out of the painting queue is this, a Fallout Securitron:

Well, officially it's a monobot from Black Cat Bases iirc, but we're among friends here so we'll just acknowledge what it is heavily influenced by!

While I was a big Fallout 3 fan, and was excited enough by New Vegas to preorder the expensive Collectors Edition, something about it just didn't click with me, and I barely played it. I think I imagined that I'd go back to it one day (as often tends to be the case - if something doesn't grab me the first or second try, chances are I'm going to fall pretty hard for it the third time!) but in this case that just never happened, and is unlikely to now as we're a whole console generation ahead... The Securitrons from New Vegas are a nice robot design though, so I was happy to add one to the Lead Mountain when I saw this!

His goofy face is heavily influenced by Yes Man, and was added with careful use of the micron pen that I usually use for dotting in pupils.

Mmm, weathering. Modelling anything Fallout related offers a lot of opportunities for a young man to enjoy himself with a sponge! Ignore the slightly waffy wheel though, that was a bit of dodgy casting...

I think when I get around to finalising rules for the Fallout project, he'll be an encounter card where he is a hostile enemy unless you can pass an Intelligence test to reprogram him, in which case he will join your character as a companion.


19 vs 40 = -21