Monday, 19 September 2016

The Postman comes bearing goodies...

The postman comes bearing goodies:

I took advantage of the Northstar Figures sale to grab a discounted Mars Attacks Scenery Upgrade Pack, which is essentially some sprues of ruined building bits to add to other buildings, or can be used to make some Fallout-esque ruins:

Everything comes handily removed from the sprues, and should be useful for making quite a few bases of ruins! The holes where the connectors clip on will need filling, but I saw an article online that suggested making a green stuff stamp to print the brick design onto the gaps...

In other acquisition news, the builders at work sorted me out with a bag of sawdust so that I can have a crack at making my own flock as per the instructions on Luke's APS YouTube channel:

I don't think they had any actual wood that needed sawing, as everything at this point of the build seems to be MDF, so I suspect that the foreman might have just gone and chopped up a random plank to make me some!

In other news, I've started a seperate account on instagram for miniature stuff: so if you use that, follow me for more regular pictures than posts here (as I tend to mostly only post completed things or WIPs that are several stages in) and so I can see what you're doing!

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