Friday, 2 September 2016

Luke's APS

Luke over at Luke's Affordable Painting Service is having a giveaway to celebrate reaching 2000 subscribers, and I'd like to win some Amera terrain, so I'm posting here! Japery aside, if you're a wargamer and aren't already following Luke's series of videos, they're well worth a look - as well as being informative, I enjoy their conversational style, not to mention the fact that Luke's aim seems to be saving everyone a few quid! Plus, he's started investing in the channel, so the production values have gone up - one of the things that turns me off of a video quickest is poor sound quality!

Here's a link to the video where he announces the prize draw:

But do have a dig through his back catalogue of videos - I want to give making my own flock a try when I can get my hands on some sawdust!

Also, White Dwarf has supposedly changed format to be more like the old style (back when I used to actually get it - my wife used to get me a subscription for Christmas every year, until it turned into Visions) and has a free figure on the front that would normally have an RRP of around £18, so of course I picked up a copy:

Which takes the Tally to:

23 vs 334 = -311

My first thought was to use it for an Inq28 conversion (by which I mean chucking it in my bits box for several months whilst looking enviously at all the talented bloggers making things with theirs) but whilst writing this post I suddenly got the urge to roll up a Khornate Path to Glory warband for him to lead... I've not had a chance to actually read the magazine yet, so who knows, maybe I'll be persuaded to rush out and buy a copy of their new Gorechosen game or suddenly be converted to like Age of Sigmar...

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  1. So what makes a plastic figure worth £18.00? GW are having a laugh all the way back to the bank.