Thursday, 1 September 2016

Painting minis gunmetal - painting minis gunmetal never changes...

So, here's the other miniature that I finished the night I turned thirty that was alluded to in a previous post:

A power armoured chap from Brother Vinni - despite the reference-heavy title of this post, you would not believe how many layers went into the metal on this armour! My usual basecoat, wash, two drybrush highlights method looked a little flat and boring, so I went over it with various targeted washes to grub it up a little, follwed by a newer silver highlight, before scrubbing Mithril Silver and Tin Bitz over it to make it look well-used and worn!

And here's the back - I'm quite pleased with how the weathering came out on the laser rifle, as usually I struggle to get it to look natural...

Completing this miniature doubles the Fallout projects current total - the intention with that project is to eventually complete a couple of 'hero' type mininatures, and a variety of enemy groups, so as to be able to run a small skirmish level exploration game, where players would search the wasteland for weapons and resources, potentially using a card based system for exploration - so when a player searched (in a building, or at a specified objective marker or some similar mechanic) they'd draw a card from a deck, which would either give them some reward, or spawn an enemy or group of enemies, or a neutral character like this power-armoured Brotherhood of Steel Paladin, who might join the player that revealed him's group, or attack them depending on their affiliation... Some playtesting might be required though to see if that system worked!


23 vs 333 = -310

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