Sunday, 24 April 2016


Is gonna speak with an accent! (As per last time, see the theme tune for the reference). I was half-tempted to throw in a Frozen reference, but managed to reign in my impulse...

So yeah, four and a half years after the first one, I've finished another member of the Nextwave squad!

Elsa, British sass monster and general all-around badass.

This miniature is another good example of the variability of the quality of heroclix sculpts - while she has some nice touches, her face is a little flat, and her coat, oh her coat! Painting coats and capes and drapery are a funny thing for me - sometimes, I get super into the layering, and it just seems to flow, and I really enjoy it (case in point: the Hellboy heroclix I repainted some years ago); this coat was not one of them:

The layers just felt wrong, so I'd glaze the whole thing with the base colour to try and knock it all back and start layering highlights again, and it would feel wrong again, and I just kept working on it until I felt I couldn't do anymore...

Maybe this is why it's taking me so long to paint the Nextwave squad, they're all wearing trench coats!

Finishing her brings the Tally to:

19 vs 360 = -341

If I continue at this blistering pace I'll have the rest of the squad finished by 2030...

(Which will give me plenty of time to sort out some Doombot heads to pop on generic suited miniatures to make broccoli men!)

[side note: I was lying in bed, finishing off this blog post and almost ready to publish, when I suddenly realised that I'd forgotten to paint the Bloodstone choker, the things that gives Elsa her powers and her name, as I'd planned to save it for last... Dammit, it's nearly one in the morning, hopefully I get the chance to finish her off tomorrow after work and then sneakily go back and replace the first picture in this post! So this should have been posted on Saturday rather than Sunday in the end, and that's why - fun fact: the post-choker picture looks almost identical to the original picture, you pretty much couldn't tell the difference. Ah well]


  1. Although I wasn't a huge fan of the recent Secret Wars mini-series "Marvel Zombies" [] I did find Elsa Bloodstone to be the standout star of the four issues, and your model of her is absolutely spot on imho. Terrific brushwork. I wasn't aware that they did a "Heroclix" sculpt of the female monster hunter. But now I do I'll certainly be adding her to my list :-)

    1. They borrowed another member of Nextwave for a Marvel Zombies miniseries?! This came out after I stopped getting monthlies, although with Si Spurrier and Kev Walker on it I probably would have ordered it!

    2. Its certainly out there as a trade paperback these days, myincubliss, and the artwork is very good - as you can probably imagine. Loads of Marvel Zombie cameos :-)

  2. She looks lovely!