Saturday, 2 April 2016

Box redux

I finally got round to actually counting just how many models were in that glorious box of goodness, so that I could have an accurate Tally total ahead of Salute. And so, armed with a cup of tea, an episode (or three) of Better Call Saul, and several boxes, I set about counting them.

And so, much math later, counting monstrous infantry, chariots and suchlike as single miniatures, and counting multi-based unit fillers as the number of models on them, we come to the grand total of 420. 
Spending a year living in a wine box hasn't been kind to some of them (the Wood Elves especially will need some TLC from whoever ends up with them), but that's still quite the batch of models! 

Not only that, but I was also gifted the following, because when it rains it pours (oh, what a problem to have!)

Which brings the Tally down to:

18 vs 421 = -403

Although all of the Chaos figures are already painted, which doesn't count towards the Tally usually, which after another recount would leave me at 

18 vs 333 = -315

There were some painted dwarves too, but honestly I don't think I can count that box any more times tonight!

Looks like it's going to be another year that ends up in the red after all...


  1. Definitely some salvageable goodness in there mate :-)

  2. Looks like you lucked into a great collection of mini's