Saturday, 30 April 2016


Finding myself with a little spending money left after Salute, I did something I hadn't done in quite some time:

I ordered some miniatures.

Whilst not everything has arrived yet (as there's a package making its way to me from Germany) I did receive these:

Some lovely metal Skaven Gutter Runners, as there were none to be found at Salute. These metal figures are just so much nicer than the frankly showing their age multipart plastics, and so these are now having a bath in the stripping pot (which it turns out had some bits in that I'd forgotten completely about, which I may well write a post about in the near future). I feel a bit bad about stripping them, as they're quite nicely painted, but hey, I don't want them showing up the rest of my paint jobs! I'd quite like to replace one or more of them with miniatures holding a throwing star, as unfortunately there weren't any in this lot of miniatures, but that's something for another day...

I also received a promo halfling from the nice man at Westfalia miniatures, who took pity on my failed hunt for him at Salute. Having previously pledged to get this miniature finished quicker than last year's one (which took me almost a full year after Salute) he is already built and undercoated, although he has not been safe from tiny hands:

The arrival of these two packages takes the Tally to:

20 vs 367 = -347

I know the Tally isn't going to end the year in the black, but I think I might set myself the target of trying to make sure that I paint an average of one miniature a week - we're I think eighteen weeks into the year at this point, so I'm already ahead of the curve! Plus, I've been getting some stuff built to refill the gaps in my project box...


  1. Nice figures! And that halfling is a nice bonus!