Sunday, 7 January 2018


Managed to finish another half-painted miniature from the queue:

Originally a Dreamblade figure, he got lopped off of his base, rebased, undercoated, then abandoned until recently. No real plan for it, but what can I say, I see a weird bird monster with a very wormy tail wearing a cape made of flayed bloke and I'm on board:

Tee hee:

Perhaps the fact that it was destined to go into a box labelled 'generic fantasy' potentially never to see the light of day again had something to do with how long it took to get finished...

Here's a picture with some other large monstrous type from the last year to give an idea of scale:

Another line through something on the Challenge, as he was started so long ago that that's actually a GW branded base he's on, rather than the slimmer non-brand types that I prefer these days as modelled by the Bell Golem (although I have a feeling this rate of completion isn't going to be maintained):

2018 Challenge:
  • Finish something years old
  • Finish something pre-blog old
  • Finish a piece of terrain
  • Paint something from the stripping pot
  • Prep all of the monkeys in the monkey box
  • Build a wargames board
  • Paint all of the miniatures in a boxed game
  • Open Star Wars Imperial Assault and paint all the miniatures from it
  • Paint all the miniatures needed to replace the tokens in the Imperial Assault Core Game
  •  Paint a complete box of miniatures (either a full regiment or starter)
  •  Finish a complete skirmish force for a project (at least 16 miniatures, unless it's for a much smaller scale game like Batman)
  • Repaint something (either a miniature that I have previously painted, or one that was received painted)
  • Convert a miniature and show WIP pics
  • Finish a member of the Nextwave team
  • Average at least a miniature a week by the end of the year (so, paint 52 miniatures)
  • End the year with the Tally in the positive!

Hmm, posting the big old list every time something gets crossed off is a little unwieldy. Maybe next year, I'll get 24 things and make one of those bingo cards that other, more popular bloggers seem to be using...

This was the last miniature out on my desk after a mini tidy, so I decided to go whole hog and clear the decks for the next batch of hobby projects:

Mmm, all that space for doing things.

Let's see how long that lasts...


4 vs 0 = +4


  1. Okay... er right. Effective skin on the parrot- bear- rat thing from hell.Ahem !

  2. I... I don't know what I'm meant to be seeing with that thing. It's nicely done indeed - I'm going to settle for were bird rat I think.

  3. Damn that's a tidy desk!
    It's amazing how many cool models are out there that are a total surprise to see. Would you write up a bingo board, cross stuff off, and take a pic each time?
    I just saw a great blog entry on a ratskin gang that pulls in other figs.
    Maybe the trick is finding something that these generic fantasy monsters should belong to?