Monday, 29 February 2016

February recap

Fatherhood has left me with less time to actually complete projects, so I thought I'd experiment with recap posts to talk about what I'm working on rather than posting once a month when I actually finish something!

So, the recap. This month, I painted Deadpool. 

That was my one post.

We also went to see the film over the weekend, and was pleasantly surprised to find I enjoyed it all (and more surprisingly, so did my wife - although I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised, as she is the right sort of horrible person to enjoy this sort of humour!). We watched Ant Man the night after, and I think it suffered by comparison - for all that we love Paul Rudd and how great the train fight scene was, there were a lot of bum points and duff acting, as well as the fact that I found myself saying 'well this seems a little contrived, even for a superhero movie'...
But, back to Deadpool - as happens whenever I see almost anything, I want to paint something, in this case Collossus!

I'm fairly certain I've got a suitable Heroclix figure somewhere, but I'll have to wait until my daughter is napping as my Heroclix stash is somewhat buried in a pile of stuff on top of a bookcase:

(The unmarked boxes contain the scenery like fences and gravestones you will have previously seen if you've been reading the blog for a little while)

Since starting my 'project box pledge' (title not final) the main thing I've been painting has been this batch of scarecrows:

14 in total, finishing these will get me to the point where I've only actually got the miniatures in the project box out (AKA the ideal starting point for such a pledge, only a month or so after starting it). Progress has been somewhat stilted on these, as I mostly only get to paint them while my daughter naps, and having them put away rather than out means it takes longer to get to actually painting when I do get the chance! Painting them in in this size batch has also presented its own problems - if I'd been painting say four miniatures, I might have used only eight or nine different paints; with his size batch, to avoid them looking too uniform, the number of different paints has seemingly increased exponentially! I tried being super organised, with a list of what different coloured areas there were to paint, to allow me to most efficiently use my time (rather then my approach whilst painting zombies, which is more of an 'ooh I'll do this bit red, paint it from start to finish, then another area, then maybe another bit red on another miniature, meandering from choice to choice), but there are so many different bits and so many paints to pick through I'm not sure it helped!

The current list of bits left to paint looks like this:

Although I fully expect I'll find something I've missed once I do all these! Fingers crossed though, they should be done in the next week or two (as since I'd set myself the target of finishing these, I've been hankering after painting something else for a bit of variety!)

I've spent a lot of time over the last month browsing Pinterest for ideas for making cork ruins (although when I'll get round to making some generic cork ruins that work equally as well for Frostgrave as for modern zombie games is anyone's guess) and looking at people's Inquisimunda conversions (as I've got a batch of planned Inquisitorial miniatures in a Baggie somewhere), but this is mostly inspiration gathering rather than actual planning at this point (at least until I clear some space in the project box...)

I've started drawing up my Salute shopping list already - I'm planning on strict budgeting this year, rather than my usual wild spend (see, I am a mature and responsible adult) - I assume everyone has seen these beauties from Elladan:

I would like some of these very much, but at present it seems the German company selling these doesn't have anyone that's going to be at Salute:

But I live in hope that something will get sorted so that I can get a set to lead the medieval zombies I bought from Gripping Beast at Salute last year!

My GM has recently come into possession of a couple of Warhammer armies, and so has been bugging me to dig out my Night Goblin army (that I don't think I've done anything with since before starting this blog...)

And finally, on the way to my Mother-In-Law's for dinner last night, I saw this in the window of a charity shop:

Late 80's Oldhammer! Alas, it looks like someone's been looking at eBay Buy-It-Now prices for guidance, so alas no bargains to be had here...


  1. Great catch up and I saw those white walkers and have been trying to justify why I need them!

    1. The bad man on Facebook is currently telli me they're available to order, and he'd throw in some free skeletons to take the sting out of postage... Currently wrestling between taking a chunk out of my budgeted Salute spending money or risking missing the chance to get these, as I fear they might only be available for a limited amount of time...

    2. *telling, cursed iPhone keyboard...

  2. Nice catch up, I too loved Deadpool (my wife wasn't so keen, must have a less sick sense of humour, I guess). I also really liked Ant man, though I wasn't expecting so much from that so that might be why.

    Probably no Salute for me this year, but good luck sticking to a budget!

    It's interesting seeing other peoples approaches to getting stuff done, I have a "random painting generator" (three lists, two coins and a d30/20) that I use to determine what I have to paint that week. Hey whatever works for you eh!

    Nice Zom's by the way I can see why you'd be tempted.

    Cheers Roger.