Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Timely, given the release of the film, I've just finished painting the Knight Models Deadpool that my wife got me the Christmas before last:

Well, last night, so not technically 'just finished', as I tend to finish things at night and then take the next day to actually write the post about it...

Surprisingly quick to paint (if you ignore the 10 month break between two layers) due to the limited colour palette, as with all Knight Models miniatures it's a lovely sculpt, although there are a couple of oddities - the crossed scabbards on his back are a little weedy for my tastes, and the faceplate of his mask seemed a little asymmetrical (on side seemed to peak less above the eye than the other).

Inevitably, the first Knight Models miniature I've finished isn't one of the dozens of Batman figures I've bought,  but if you've been following this blog for any length of time that probably shouldn't come as any surprise!

Anyway, I got this because I (like so many others) love Deadpool. I'm not going to say I liked Deadpool before he was cool (I didn't - the original Liefeld era Deadpool comics are a bit generic superhero for my tastes from what I remember, if by 'a bit generic' you mean 'a rip off of DC's Deathstroke the Terminator' - I mean, Slade Wilson and Wade Wilson?), but I really got into them round about the Daniel Way run a few years back (just after the Skrull invasion, when Marvel realised that they could do fun things with Deadpool, but before he reached the saturation point of being in pretty much every book released each month - Wikipedia tells me this was 2008, further back than I'd thought!) - it was whacky, then it looked like the run was running out of steam, then it just got awesome. However, as alluded to earlier, by the time I stopped getting monthly comics (due to impending fatherhood) Deadpool was in most monthly releases, and had gone a bit silly (here he is fighting reanimated US Presidents teehee). Now don't get me wrong, I like silly, but what I really want is Nextwave silly rather than 'oh look at me I'm trying to be whacky' - give me meta-aware over 'kerazy' any day...

Now, to break up that wall of text here's a splash page of Deadpool catching fire from an issue of Thunderbolts (another comic that I enjoyed during the Warren Ellis run, but gave up on when they folded it into another series, and then started getting again when they rebooted it with Deadpool):


Painting Wade Wilson brings the Tally to:

3 vs 0 = +3

And I've got a batch of multiple miniatures that I've been working on as well as this, which (if finished) should skyrocket the Tally into double digits (because as we know, it's only a couple of months until Salute...)


  1. I love this model. It looks fantastic. Can't beat superheroes and deadpool is just the best anti-hero going

  2. really nice work!! What colors did you take?