Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Yuletide greetings one and all!

As I'd finally managed to get to a point where it looked like I'd finish the year with the tally in the black, inevitably my wife bought me miniatures at Christmas...

Mmm, Perry English army box set (which will be the basis of some House Stark troop conversions when I get back on the ASOIAF project and the Knight Models Deadpool (as I'd been umming and ahhing for years over whether I could live with myself if I spent silly money on the old bendy Heroclix sculpt).

My stocking was equally nerdy, containing the Studio Miniatures 'not The Thing' sculpts 'Mack' and 'Waynes':

Huzzah for toys, boo for being back in the red:

Tally 66 vs 75 = -9

Hmm, she's bought me more miniatures than I'd bought for the whole year...

So, theoretically if I can paint 10 miniatures (of the dozens of pre-under coated and often half painted miniatures I have in various stashed) in the next 6 days I'll be back in the black, but I make no promises.

Also, my little brother bought us a giant stormtrooper, but he's too large to be considered a miniature so he's not going on the Tally:


  1. A tip top Christmas to you and some nice additions for your tabletop. Sadly I have paid a few bob for the "Heroclix" Deadpool mini and it most definitely isn't worth it!! Ruddy awful sculpt and ultra-bendy. My eldest now plays with it as I am never going to re-paint it. I also have the Knight Models figure though and its so much better :-) Have a Happy New Year.

    1. Was it the Mutant Mayhem sculpt or one of the more recent ones? Old Heroclix are normally pretty good, it's the modern CAD ones that are usually shockingly soft...

    2. Actually I bought two versions. Both were awful and horribly out of scale with the older (better) superhero/villain sculpts I already own. hence my oldest took the pair of them. One was the current version, stood on top of a rock from the Deadpool expansion, and the other was indeed the Mutant Mayhem one.