Tuesday, 30 December 2014

He'll stab you in the spleen and then suck out your brains...

After several months of cutting (literally, not figuratively, as it was quite a nice head that I'd like to use somewhere else that was awkwardly placed in a high collar and so required careful shallow cuts from several angles), I finally managed to remove the head from the Hasslefree figure for this conversion:

Essentially, he's Markus, a Mark Evans sculpt from Hasslefree, with a minion from Crooked Dice head and the sword from a GW Boromir figure. What would drive a man such as myself to combine such an odd assortment of parts you might ask? This:

A couple of Salutes back, I saw this limited edition Gale Force 9 Dungeons & Dragons box set of an Illithid Raiding Party, and was quite taken with the idea of a swashbuckling scoundrel Illithid. Not wanting to spend £40 to get a single figure though, bathe idea was abandoned to sit in my hindbrain and wait for the right alignment of parts to show themselves...

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