Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Still no troopers...

Not a lot to say about this really, it's a Rebel Pilot. I added red bands and some gold squiggles to his helmet to try and diversify his paint job somewhat, but other than that he's mostly an orange blob. He'll hopefully see use either as an objective (in 'rescue the pilot from the crash site' type scenarios, if I can find a Star Wars model kit in the right scale on the cheap) or as an unnamed hero/captain type!

[Tally: 64 vs 36 = +28]


  1. I struggle with oranges. I think I might just have cruddy product though. What did you use? Any inking or is it just highlighted?

    1. It was the old GW Foundation orange, washed with the new orange wash (Fuegan orange?) and highlighted with various oranges mixed with the new yellow wash to try and avoid the chalky/pastel finish I sometimes end up with adding white and water to my highlight paints! After starting it, I remembered that I'd originally planned on using the orange wash over a white undercoat (similar to how I'd painted Bossk's flight suit previously) but decided it was too late to go back and start again by that point...

  2. Looks great to me as well. Not an orange blob at all.