Thursday, 2 October 2014

Never tell me the odds!

Han Solo, everyone's favourite scoundrel! It probably says a lot about my tastes that I've still as of yet to even consider painting a Luke miniature...

With this miniature finished, that's the end of the group of Star Wars miniatures that I was working on as a batch. Although I should probably prep and paint some bog-standard Rebel Troopers (and work on the rules!), I think I might take a brief diversion for other projects, namely Pathfinder (as I'm hopefully joining a new campaign, so have the opportunity to build a one-off character miniature) or taking part in Zomtober!

[Tally: 65 vs 36 = +29]


  1. Really impressive paintjob. Never had the patience to try and repaint my Star Wars Miniatures. Just rebased them and gamed. Yours look really good though - especially this scoundrel. Very nice indeed. Thanks for sharing,