Thursday, 5 June 2014

One of the benefits of having a blog... that sometimes people contact you out of the blue with miniatures that you need for your collection. I got one such email from a nice young man by the name of Greg the other day, and a couple of emails and the exchange of monies later, I now have Daemon slayer 3 taking a lazy bath in my stripping pot:

No change to the tally though, as since a chum of mine had stated that he was looking to paint up some Blood Angels as part of our 500 point 40k plans, I dug this chap out of my stripping pot to gift to him:

Missing his weapon top, but easily fixable!

So, one up and one down with no finished painted miniatures yet leaves the tally still at:

22 vs 35 = -13


  1. a good exchange all round just one benefit to bloga as you state

  2. I just love it when this happens!