Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Look what came!

Although work continues apace on getting my Nerdmarines to the state of a playable gaming force, a nostalgia driven ebay purchase arrived today:

And led me to have a root around and dig out a Baggie of miniatures from my unfinished Witch Hinters army:

I say nostalgia driven, but that's technically not true - I had the rulebook many years ago, when it was first released, but never got to actually play a game, and ended up selling it as part of the great midlife crisis purge I had when I was 15 (oh, foolish youth, if only past Olly hadn't sold his copy of Necromunda complete with Outlanders and his bits box for something paltry like twenty quid...)

So, I wonder if anyone fancies some inq28?

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