Saturday, 10 May 2014

Geekfest 2014

A handful of pics live from dreary Folkestone:

It's hot and full of people here.

There's a whole load of stuff from Blade Runner though, which is pretty cool...

I mean, I'm not normally that excited to see an umbrella, buts when it's this one: 

Or even this:

Hmm, Blade Runner in 28mm anyone? There's been nothing suitable for miniature gaming, alas, although I did pick up some old issues of Inquest, to remind myself of older, simpler times...

The apes have infiltrated us. I fear for our lives.

Also, I suggested that this man might be cosplaying as George Lucas:

But didn't get a chance to get a better pic, largely due to the half-naked lady that keeps walking past. We assume she's here for the body-painting, but she's no more painted now than she was an hour ago...


  1. Ahhh, did consider going to this (given it's taking place 5 minutes from home) but ended up going into Folkestone to help the missus with shopping – did see a few cosplay victims wandering around the shops.

    1. btw I (finally) replied to your Bloggers meet-up comment with my email

    2. We've now retired to Costa, as there's only so many times a body can walk around the Leas Cliff Hall... I fear the girls are shortly going to drag us around Primark though...

  2. You don't half get about dude.

    1. Any excuse to wear a silly hat, y'know?
      Judge Dredd and Boba Fett walked into a bar, and start making jokes about my hat. True story.

  3. Wish I knew this was on! Looks like a good day!