Monday, 26 May 2014

Collecting Dwarf Slayers Redux

Having had a fellow enthusiast by the name of James Peake (he doesn't currently have a blog, but I'll update with a link if that changes) get in touch, I was able to cross off a couple more Slayers from my list of Dorfs I need. Unfortunately, he'd also pulled together a much more comprehensive list that the one that I'd previously cobbled together (in the form of a pdf and spreadsheet), which revealed in handy pictoral form that there's a bunch more than I thought that I want (please note, my list still doesn't include Slayer pirates, 54mm releases etc, as they're not currently on my 'want list'):

(10/10, woo!)

(at some point I'll get around to picking up the Troll Slayers...)

(just need the command figures now from the newest set!)

The following images are shamelessly stolen from James Peake's PDF, so I can take no credit for them (except for the shaky crossing through to signify that I own them already, that's all me)

(If I were to get the Blood Bowl Slayers though, I'd be faced with a difficult choice: do I convert them to be armed so that they fit into a unit, or leave them as-is in their original form?) 

(Mmmm, Talisman-y)

(I own two of these, but I forget which. Note to self: dig out of storage and cross them off shakily using MS Paint)

 (Oh, the unit filler you'll be)

(Unreleased, iirc. Can't justify the price this guy tends to go for...)

I realise now that I still don't have a picture of the Battle for Skull Pass plastic slayer for this, but hey, you know what it looks like right?

[edit]: no change to the tally, as the trades were on a one-for-one basis - two marauder slayers and a more modern standard bearer for these three, who are now having a relaxing bath in the stripping pot:


  1. What's with the Slayers dude?


  2. Thanks for the mention! I'm glad the pdf was useful, although it probably means we will be competing for Slayer :P