Thursday, 6 February 2014

Silence will fall...

Well, technically it already fell, when they handwaved away the Silence in an altogether brief paragraph of retcon during the Christmas episode of Doctor Who that I had originally prepped and undercoated these miniatures for:

(But only just got around to painting)

Bendy plastic miniatures that originally came free on the front of the Doctor Who Adventures magazine, they're not bad in terms of scale and detail, if a little bit Smooth Criminal (especially the chap at the back, that I thought I'd successfully managed to reposition but apparently he's returned to his original slant):

In other news, while finding that gif (click it if it doesn't move on your browser) I discovered that the secret to the lean wasn't mad skills, it was in fact special shoes. Illusions shattered.

This does, however, take the tally to:

5 vs 15 = -10

I've got until April and Salute to build up a bit of a buffer and see if maybe this year will be the year that I don't spend the entire year in the red... (well, it's in black, but with a little minus sign in front of it... you know what I mean.)

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