Thursday, 27 February 2014

Collecting Dwarf Slayers...

I never set out to collect Slayers, it's just something I fell in to. A steady diet of Gotrek & Felix novels and the fluff in old White Dwarfs has left me with a certain fondness for the little flame-haired psycopaths, and shortly after reading Zombieslayer I got the idea into my head to paint up a max size unit of Slayers (30, in the old army book). After buying a couple of bundles of miniatures, I started to investigate whether I could make a unit that size without duplicating any poses, which then somehow turned into trying to collect every Slayer variation...

The problem I'm finding, is trying to find a comprehensive listing of all the different sculpts! looked like it had what I wanted, except the pictures won't display on any device I try to view it on... Instead, here's what I've managed to cobble together from various sources, amended with the dorfs I already have:

Marauder Dorfs:

(after a bout of ebaying on Saturday, the last two should be winging their way to me as we speak)

Somehow in my collecting, I have apparently entirely missed the 1993(?) Troll Slayers. Oh, how I miss the days of Mail Order and being able to order particular sculpts (like Daemon Slayer 3 here)

The new sculpts! I had originally thought that there had only been two new sculpts done (the two in rather 'square' poses), but when I bought some as part of a batch on eBay, I realised that the rest on this page that match the style of the previous generation of Slayers are in fact different sculpts! Unfortunately, this leaves still more for me to collect...

Only 3 sculpts released for Mordheim - the Dwarf Pit Fighter (pfft, he's blatantly a Slayer) is a bit of an odd sculpt, but for completionist's sake I need one! I also fancy getting a second copy of the Trollslayer Hired Sword, as he'd probably be a suitable donor body for a Snorri Nosebiter coversion...

£1.50? Honestly, if I had a time machine I'd mostly use it to nip back to Ye Olde Nottingham and buy miniatures. Admit it, you would too.

Here endeth the pictorial segment of this post - as far as I can see, this is the rest:
  • blood bowl star player Grim Ironjaw (in the box, ready for action)
  • 2 blood bowl slayers (alas, I've not got either yet)
  • Ungrim & Garagrim - both acquired, ad having read Road of Skulls I'm further incentivised to paint them! 
  • Games Day Slayer on daemon head - owned, and ready for action as a unit filler
  • Talisman plastic slayer - Do want! Veeeery portly, but rocks a certain design sensibility that reminds me of simpler times...
  • Battle for Skull Pass plastic slayer - owned. A bit blah, but variety is the... well, you know the drill.
  • Dwarf Lords of Legend Slayer - owned. A bit un-slayer-y (although admittedly, Ungrim the other Slayer lord wears armour...), but we'll see how he paints up...

And lo, this is all the slayers that I have thus far discovered, and which of them I still need. I'm not particularly familiar with the older dwarf ranges though, and am fairly certain that there are some likely Slayer candidates in the old 'Norse Dwarf' range - if anyone can provide any suggestions (or has any of the sculpts that I'm after) drop us a comment!

In other news, the blog recently passed 40k pageviews:

and here's me without a 40k related post... #missedopportunity :(


  1. Are you looking specifically for Troll Slayers, or any level slayer?

    There have been numerous Dragon and Demon slayers over the years. There's also been about 3 incarnations of Gotrek himself and the ever characterful Long Drong's Slayer Pirates

    If you're happy to mix in plastics that are not GW related, there's also the Avatars of War plastic dwarf berzerkers that are stunning models with plenty of opportunities. Stylistically they fit perfectly

    1. Any level Slayer really, the Dragon and Daemon Slayers are already included in the pics (oddly I seem to have two of some of the sculpts that I do have...)

      I've got Gotrek (currently typing this whilst a wash dries on his flesh), but was never really sold on the pirate slayers... a little silly I guess... Which reminds me, speaking of 'silly' slayers, I forgot the two of four Doomseekers that I have!

      On the AOW front, I' sticking exclusively to GW for this, I blame years of indoctrination!

    2. So they are! I vaguely recall some older daemon slayers, but can't for the life of me remember what they looked like now. There is also the new, rather OTT plastic dragon slayer (which i assume you already have).

      I used to love my slayers. There was nothing more intimidating :)

  2. Hi, looking all over the internet for a Slayer-collecting guide has led me to your page, and it's a really impressive effort you've got going here! I myself have come up with (what I consider) a fairly comprehensive list of all the GW Slayer sculpts, including a few you are missing. There were definitely 6 slayers for the Norse Dwarfs, but most of them have some armour on. If you want I could send it to you, as it's a spreadsheet, with accompanying pictures in a pdf, but can't seem to find an email.

    Are you still missing any? I may have a few to trade if you are interested, I'd rather they went to a fellow stunty collector!


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Cool, my email is my username at gmail dot com (take that spambots you'll never crack my code!) drop me a line!