Monday, 16 April 2012

Red vs Blue and first problems with the new gw pots...

Bam, finally got around to finishing my first two sets of Spartans for some Red vs Blue action:

The blues came out a little darker than I thought they would, but all in all we're good. Painting these was a bit of a nightmare, with lots of referring to the Halo Encyclopedia to work out where various bits of armour ended and undersuit begain, but once the basecoats were blocked in it was pretty much plain sailing. However, they did have to wait a fortnight or so until gw released their new paints so that I could get a bright enough pink to paint the needler ammo... which leads me to my next point:

Although the new lids are great at staying open, when you close them the triangular bit doesn't pop back out to it's starting position, they get caught under the lid and get forced into contact with the paint, leaving you to have to pop them back out with your finger and get covered in bright pink paint. But I digress...

Finishing these two squads of six brings the tally to:

39 vs 68 = -29

Not bad, and if I can remain focused enough to fnish everything currently in front of me that'll be another 18 off the total... Before I go to salute and we see another swing backwards...


  1. I keep meaning to give the new GW paints a try but i am slowly going towards P3.

    Out of interest where did you get the Halo figures from?

  2. I say they turned out well! I think we are all a bit worried about the lead intake next weekend!

  3. @Henry: Actionclix/Heroclix:

  4. Can I ask a genuine question. I don't really understand why its necessary for the lids to stay open, I hear a lot of people talking about this and feel like I must be a bit thick. I open my paints, decant how much I need onto a pallet with a heavy acrylic brush and then water it down a fair bit to get a nice flowing consistency. I then close the pot and put it back on my shelf.

    Am I missing something, or just a thicky? cheers. Nice figures by the way I like how the blue looks.

  5. I don't always decant - stuff like the foundation paints and washes, or if I'm dry brushing a batch of minis... I should probably invest in a wet palette though, as paint tends to dry out too quickly when I do decant...

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  7. I can't for the life of me Figure out how to get in touch with you other than this comment page. Back when the game first came out I did my own modding, to quite an extent. If you can get ahold of me via email, I can send you all sorts of ideas. Lord knows how many of the minis I have chopped up in the past few years.

    1. My email's myusernameatgmaildotcom (take that bots!), drop me a line!