Monday, 3 January 2011

Can this daredevil pace continue?

Well, probably not, but I'm currently trying to build up a bit of a buffer so that my tally stays in the green. Only one miniature finished today, which is this:

The man without ears
(or something like that...)

Another heroclix repaint, it was a pretty crappy sculpt of a character I'm not overly fond of (although there's a weird dent in the back of his head, which you could charitably say is where his mask ties up, or uncharitably say that's where Wizkids used to snap them off the sprue). But hey, that's one less mini in the painting queue, bringing the tally to:

6 vs 0 = +6

As well as finishing off this chap, (among other things) I've also made a start on my first Hasslefree miniature (well, first Hasslefree miniature sculpted by Kev White) - at one point whilst basecoating the face, I stopped, turned to my young lady, and exclaimed 'crikey, this is well sculpted', followed by a bout of trepidation as I feared that I wouldn't be able to do it justice. Admittedly, it's looking rather nice already with just a basecoat on the flesh areas, and I think the quality of the sculpting would shine through even if I were to throw a bucket of paint at it from across the room...

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