Wednesday, 19 January 2011

All quiet..., no posts in a while now, as I just haven't finished anything... little bits are still getting done, and another twenty minis got hit with undercoat, so hopefully there'll be something to show in the near future.

That hasn't stopped me from being easily distracted and buying stuff though, which leads us to the main point of this post - an old Harlequin Davros dropped through the letterbox today courtesy of the electronic-bay (no size comparison pics with the MU daleks sadly, as the camera charging wire seems to have gone walkabout) taking the current tally to:

15 vs 8 = +7

Although I did just get a notification from ebay telling me that I'm a winner...

[via the magic of post-production:]

Davros! I thought I'd have to convert him to get him to look like current era davros, but I think I can get away with just painting his right hand silver...

and also:

He's a pretty good size next to a MU dalek, although I think i need to get some slightly larger bases for those...

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