Friday, 2 December 2016

A wanderer, a survivor...

My daughter's new bedtime routine has occasionally afforded me a little bit of painting time recently, which has allowed me to finish off this chap that you might remember from my previous post:

As you can see, I added a couple of pieces of shoulder armour to the conversion to make it look more like the armoured vault suit:

(although I'll settle for 'inspired by' rather than trying to be a direct copy of it). 
The little piece of leather padding on the right shoulder was probably the part of this miniature that took the longest - I just couldn't seem to get a finish that I liked on it, and so wound up repainting it several times...
I was half-tempted to paint the body of the shotgun green to break up the expanse of gunmetal, but ended up settling for a wholly silver body as per the in-game model it was inspired by.

I painted this survivor as having come from Vault 172 - technically non-canon, as there were officially only 122 Vaults constructed by Vault-Tec, but the number has a certain significance to me, so on it goes!

A closer view of the helmet - weathering is just great fun to do! I painted all of his equipment to look dirty, covered in chips and dings, so that it would look lived in and well-worn, from the scratches in his leather equipment to the layer of dust and grime on his vault suit.

And here's a better view of everyone's favourite post-apocalyptic fashion accesory, the Pip-Boy!

This was another miniature of firsts for me: my first time ever painting stubble on a miniature! I guess years of White Dwarf painting tutorials have finally come in handy, as I carefully glazed the beardy bits of his face with a mixture of grey and flesh...

And finally, a size comparison shot with the power armoured chap I previously posted.

Finishing him brings the Tally to:

52 vs 342 = -290

Taking my yearly rate up the the baseline acceptable level of an average of at least on miniature painted a week!

There was also another miniature that I was painting alongside this one that wasn't quite finished tonight, so who knows, we might even get two blog posts in one week for the first time in a little while...


  1. That's a cracking bit of work Sir.

  2. My rpg gaming group is currently running through a mate's homebrewed Fallout game. This fellow would fit in so well. Lovely work!

  3. Very nice work dude he has turned out really well.