Thursday, 18 August 2016

What chair is best?

Having managed to get my painting desk cleared, painting whilst kneeling at the desk wasn't cutting it, and the dining room chair that I dragged down to the basement, whilst admittedly a massive improvement on kneeling on the floor, wasn't quite the thing either...

So I spent some time having a browse online, thinking that what I really wanted was a high backed computer chair with armrests - ideally one that swivels, for ease of reaching things, and on wheels, so that when I get round to dragging a TV down and setting up the SNES, I can move from one area of the basement to another with the minimum of effort and fuss, and found one that looked ideal on the IKEA website.

So, with my annual bonus coming in from work soon, I thought I'd place a small order (maybe getting another small bookshelf so that I can display the box or so of rule books that still have as of yet to find a home)...

...But then walking home today, my wife pointed out this chair in the street with a sign in 15 seconds from our house, so I dragged it home and I think it's exactly what I was after:

A little banged up perhaps, but so far it has proven to not be stuffed with live rats (which was my initial worst case scenario concern) so we're golden!

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