Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Moving right along...

I've been quiet for a while, but I'm still here! Just not getting any painting done at the moment, what with my new job and moving house!

We've moved 0.2 miles down the road, to a little house of our own, with one crucial feature - a sweet basement for me to turn into a gaming room!

Initially it looked like this:

And then in the midst of rearranging it looked like this:

But, having snuck back out all the things that my wife suggested we store in the basement and building some bookcases:

It looks like this:

(Painting desk starting to be visible amidst the piles of half-sorted oddments!)

Not done yet, but well on the way.

Several of my favourite features include handing ledges on the underside of the stairs on the way down, giving somewhere to display a number of nerdy collectables:

Built in shelving, that will hopefully one day be used to store and display trays of painted miniatures, for easy access whilst gaming:

And a sweet alcove for board games:

(Although I've since stripped out the family games to go live in the dining room, as I found another box of my games after taking this picture...)

Another benefit of moving house and buying lots of furniture (we own a dining table now, like real adults) is that I now have a metric ton of interestingly shaped bits of polystyrene and enough corrugated card to make several tiny model shanty towns:

As I unpack some more things, I'll probably have some more things to offer up for trade or sale, which I'll add to the previously used page to give first refusal to the good people of the circles of the internet that I frequent before I toss them to eBay...

Once I've finished the last few bits of unpacking down there, I'll need to sort out getting a gaming table. There were a couple of desks next to a skip over the road at the weekend (where one of the local universities seems to be clearing out one of their facilities) that I considered dragging home to see if I could lash them together to make the base of a table, but it had rained, and I'm probably going to need a table that can be folded own rather than several hefty chunks of pine, so I passed... Every YouTube video on the subject seems to involve carpentry to build a table from scratch - any advice, oh lovely people reading this?


  1. I am so very envious of your man cave! As for a gaming table, I have heard mention of people using a couple of pasting tables (decorating tables) with a base laid over the top.


    1. Ooh, that would fold down nicely - pasting tables are normally a little wobbly though, one to ponder on...

  2. Nothing sweeter than your own gaming table! I don't do carpentry at all so I used extendable trestles similar to these but I found cheaper, sorry I can't remember where - I got lucky and they sent me six for the price of four. I can now adjust my table to comfortable heights for all the players (well most) and can store boxes underneath plus the advantage of not being confined to a table size.


    1. Sorry for the really long link I've just got up!

    2. Nice, although £25 a pop plus wood might be a little over my budget! There's a refit coming at work, so I might be able to scavenge some fixtures to Macgyver something...

  3. IKEA have some useful (as cheap) options


    1. Dammit, we had an ikea delivery last week! That looks more like my budget though!

  4. Those stair-shelves are filled with goodies. A big congrats to your new man-cave, mister! :D