Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Mysterious mysteries

Returning from a day at IKEA and Bluewater (mega sized shopping centre, I felt my daughter needed a Chewbacca doll bigger than she is) I saw something on the living room floor out of the corner of my eye. In my peripheral vision, it looked like the vine from some small tomatoes, but nudging it with my toe it was hard, and on closer inspection turned out to be the arm of the Chaos Space Marine Terminator Sorceror that's been sat undercoated on a board next to the sofa for a little while waiting for the painting muse to take hold. Further searching revealed a single leg attached to a base, but nothing else. No other models were missing from the board, and what followed is best described as CSI: warhammer, as my wife and I took apart the living room trying to find his body, creating and then tearing down various theories about what must have happened, like trying to calculate the angle it would have flown in had something fallen on it, which was discarded as there was nothing on the tray and no other models moved...

Eventually, after having taken apart and rearranged most things in the room, I decided to have a dog in the IKEA bag that we had yet to unpack (as I'd picked up a couple of packs of cork mats to see about building some miniature buildings) and I saw the Sorceror's body hanging from the bottom of the bag, his staff spiked into it.

I have no idea how he got there - potentially, Toy Story style he was making his escape across the carpet when we returned, only to have me put a large bag on top of him, breaking him in three... That or we have a ghost...

The one upside to this is that whilst fixing him I took the opportunity to fix the areas that the undercoat had originally missed!


  1. How strange, but safely repaired - cracking rug by the way.

  2. very strange indeed. I'd set up a web cam on time lapse to observe the blighter if I were you - he may be your version of Chucky ;)