Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Firefly Gunslinger

So, little by little (not the one day mad rush I'd originally envisioned as a shock to the system and palette cleanser) Firefly guy is done:

Which takes the tally to:

37 vs 35 = 2

Back to the Space Marines now I think though, and back on plan.

Well, or I might have started digging out miniatures for some destiny inspired kitbashes:

Currently, my Titan inspired figure is an armless Halo figure that's had some bits of armour trimmed down or completely removed and some gaps green-stuffed to make him look a little less obviously Spartan:

Arms from another Halo figure, shoulder pads from an old Judge Dredd sprue, and a gun from an Infinity figure should give the effect I'm going for, I just need to source a Mantic Enforcer head from somewhere for that robot Exo look (or I guess I could see about knocking up some sort of helmet, but currently I quite fancy the idea of a helmet less character). I've got a couple of coat-wearing figures set aside as potential body donors for a Warlock, and I've got my eye on a Dark Vengeance cultist as a donor of a nice gas mask wearing hooded head for a Hunter...

Or, y'know, something else. I keep meaning to dig out my copy of Space Hulk...


  1. Well done that man, they all count!

  2. Damn nice work on the firefly fella.

  3. Excellent work on the sci-fi gunslinger. :)