Thursday, 3 April 2014

Gotrek and Felix

For what seems like the longest time, I've thought about painting Gotrek and Felix, with the vague intention of either painting up a handful of Skaven and running some sort of Warhammer Quest-esque dungeon crawl (complete with plenty of random tables of enemies in each room), or a slightly grander in scale project inspired by the novel Zombieslayer. Well, rambling aside, I've managed to finish painting the Old World's least successful Dwarf slayer and his human companion:

So many mistakes were made during the painting of these two (which I'd go back and fix, and then inevitably make another mistake again soon after), but now they're done! I especially enjoyed painting Felix's cloak, as there's something therapeutic about layering on something with that sort of sculpted detail:

(Excuse the dodgy WIP pic that I meant to post a couple of weeks back when I started painting them)

Felix's trousers, in the other hand, were less fun to paint (and I swear the stripes looked the same thickness when I did the first layer...)

Finishing these two miscreants takes the Tally to:

16 vs 19 = -3

Although we should bear in mind that it's Salute in a little over a week. Admittedly, I plan to only buy two miniatures (which reminds me, I really need to get my Hasslefree pre-order in ASAP), so the tally shouldn't swing too far away from where it currently stands, but we all know the old saying about the best laid plans...

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