Friday, 31 January 2014

My ongoing quest

Herein lies the tale of my quest: three years, three long years now have I sought that which I seek, but to no avail. I am, of course, referring to the release of the excellent 'Broom Riding Wizards' sculpted by Soapy:

(male and female sculpts viewable on Soapy's blog here and here)

For three years now (as of January 16th, and yes, I emailed on that day to announce that it was the third anniversary of my campaign to get them released), I've been bugging various people in the hopes that they will take my money. Every Salute, I ask Soapy, and he says ask Gripping Beast; every Salute, I ask Gripping Beast, and they say 'oh yeah, send us an email in the week and we'll look into that for you'. Every few months, I leave a comment on Soapy's blog, or I email Gripping Beast, and always the same answer: yes, but not yet. If anything, they seem to be getting further away from me, despite the number of times that they've been 'bumped up the queue of production', but still I live in hope (I mean, had they been available when I'd first enquired, it's entirely possible that I'd have even gotten round to painting them by now!)

So what's the point of this blog post? It's not going to make them get made any faster; and I'm going to ask about them again at Salute even though I've been told they won't be ready then; this is just to let people know that they could potentially exist, and to document my approaching ridiculous perseverance (and hey, the male sculpts were originally done in 2009, so there's probably someone somewhere that has spent five years emailing Gripping Beast every few months, rather than my paltry three).

Many many (around fifteen) years ago, I wrote (well, half-wrote, the campaign rules never got finished) a set of rules for a tabletop version of Quidditch, researched extensively through poring though the original release of 'Quidditch through the Ages' to ensure that it was the most accurate representation of a fictional sport with nonsense rules that I could make, so I guess having waited this long for suitable miniatures to become available I can wait a few more...


  1. Have these still never been released? I'd love a set!

    1. The last I heard was maybe, and that I'd receive an email when it happened.
      I kinda think that might have been a ruse on their part to get me to stop bugging them via email and at shows though...