Saturday, 20 April 2013

On the way to Salute

And so it begins, as we wend our weary way to fabled Londinium for Salute. Oddly, it's the first year that I've not been out drinking the night before (as we celebrated the friend who's birthday it is this week last week rather than last night) but getting out of bed seems harder this year...

Unusually, I have a list this year rather than just picking up shinies:

Salute things

Hf agarix, sana, boudi,
Perry Wotr
Perry mercenaries
Perry Yorkist command on foot
Fire forge foot & mounted sergeants
Roman auxiliary oval shields
Warlord dog handler (Celt?)
Ral partha mushroom men
Reaper mushroom men
Medievals! Archers, foot knights...
A jester... From foundrys king ronnie set?
Lotr orcs
Lore rohan mounted chaps?
Dice for Nicole - pink / green...
4e deluxe screen?

So if anyone happens to stumble across any of those, leave them be! 😉

(and yes, I'm buying my young lady her own dice for the upcoming dungeons and dragons fest - I'm hopelessly devoted to her, I'd give her a kidney, but she needs her own dice. I was raised to believe sharing dice is worse than sharing needles)

So, off to sit on a coach for a while with the next song of ice and fire novel...

(also, as I'm posting from my phone, I have no idea where in the post the picture is going to appear, but the picture is me today - I was going to shave, but instead I made coffee and got back into bed...)

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  1. Right, turns out John has auxiliary shields, so replace that on the list with some blu-stuff...