Friday, 15 March 2013

Judge Minty, Hobbits, and a Game of Thrones...

So, some goodies arrived for me:

The latest Frothers charity miniature, Judge Minty (complete with signed picture of Edmund Dehn), which is absolutely beautiful (as if you'd expect anything else from Kev White), and a couple of hobbits picked up on eBay. The one on the left will probably get a weapon swap and his shield sanded flat and be used for dungeons & dragons, and the little chap on the right  was bought to use for a Tyrion Lannister conversion.

Yeah, so I guess I started a new project. I gave the Game of Thrones TV series a second chance (the first time round, I watched five episodes back to back and got bored), this time watching it with my young lady, and got suckered in. So much so that I ended my Song of Ice and Fire embargo and bought the rest of the books (I read the first one a while back, and decreed that I wouldn't read the rest straight away, lest I read nothing else but them for the following months. That and the fact that it'll probably be a decade before the series gets finished...). I spent a while looking at various medieval miniature ranges, planning hypothetical conversions... Until I mentioned the project to John, who disappeared into the loft and dug me out some Perry mounted Men at Arms that he'd bought at a previous Salute and never used:

Because he's awesome like that. So, cool toys to cut up, but a hit to the tally:

8 vs 22 = -14 back into the negatives, for now...

However, using this as inspiration:

(awesome conversion by Mr.J over on the LAF)

It shouldn't belong before I'm back into the positives... (he says, having a strange sense of deja vu knowing there's a package on it's way from eBay...)

Speaking of eBay, I'm selling things to fund my upcoming wedding and offset the imbalance created by starting a new project - mostly manga currently, but the shinies will be on later (well, there's a BPRD heroclix set and a box of Dreamblade miniatures up now, if that takes your fancy): my eBay sales link

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