Saturday, 12 May 2012

Exceedingly base-ic

As this seems to crop up every now and then of the various fora I frequent, I thought I'd post up how I fill the slots on my slottabases (for when I'm basing miniatures with an integral base, or more recently, rebasing prepaints like Star Wars or Dungeons and Dragons miniatures). Some people swear by Green Stuff (too expensive, and I always end up mixing up too much), crazy epoxies (science!) or covering over the slotta with a rizla (although admittedly I have tried this, and it wasn't great. I largely stuck Rizla to myself with superglue); I swear by this:

No? These:

Matches. They're the perfect size to fill the gap on a standard slotta. And handily, a friend of mine was managing the bar they're from when it closed down, resulting in me getting a ridiculously large box of them. Not enough to last a lifetime though, and it will be a sad day when I finally run out of them. Anyways, back to the basing:

Measure your matchstick against the base, marking off the appropriate length with your thumbnail,

A quick snip with a pair of clippers, followed by a trim with a knife if it needs it,

and in it slips! A quick dash of superglue and voila:

we have a faux solid slotta! [slight diversion: as I'm using cheap pound shop superglue, which seems to sometimes leap out of the tube, at one point I managed to get my hand soaked in superglue. Which was fun. And explains the mess on my mat...]

Set yourself up with a little assembly line (and yes, that is a baggie of Stormtroopers, that's just how I roll):

and in the time it takes everyone else in the house to watch 'the Voice' you'll have enough bases ready for two squads of Stormtroopers and a couple of characters... [interesting trivia - one of the finalists on the Voice has served me incredibly potent alcoholic beverages called Pigfuckers. True story.]

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  1. Yeah, that's a good method. I picked up a pack of matchstick-sized craft wood at a hobby/craft shop a while back. They work great, too, and I don't have to deal with the match heads.