Thursday, 15 March 2012

Quest for cork continued, and poundland goodies...

Alas, there is no cork, and the samples that I had from various online retailers weren't what I was after (turns out it's hard to find unlaminated natural cork)... I even nipped to our local art shop, where I'd previously gotten sheet cork to make a comic shop in the style of Matakishi, but they only had rolls of super-thin cork...

Onto happier times though, after seeing ilikepaintinglead's blog and one of the regulars at work bringing some in, I nipped into poundland and picked up some of these:

Yes, I got distracted and made a spaceship while I was working out how many tiles were useable for making terrain. Annoyingly, out of the two bags I bought, there was only enough plain brick tiles to make four bits of wall (assuming I make them the same as in ilikepaintinglead's blog, as mentioned earlier), but enough bits with 'OK' in the middle of them to make a tower of babel-esque proportions... I may have to nip and get another bag or two before I start in with the cutting and glueing...

Also, the tally has changed (which is good, as I know I've got a parcel in the post):

12 vs 38 = -26 (-3 Tomb Kings minis given to Uncle Johnny)


  1. Hehe they look pretty cool.

    Poundland is a treasure trove!!

  2. These look great, loved the link. Sorry I missed the question about a link to the cork. It would appear that it is just great lumps as opposed to sheet form. Below should take you to what they have.

  3. I used to buy cork tiles (floor not wall) from Focus before it shut down, I think B&Q or Homebase might have something similar.