Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My first SPNKr

No, not a toy for small children, but the result of my first attempt at using Instant Mold:

It still needs a bit of cleaning up, but it's come out quite nice- if anything, the fiddly underneath bit needs less cleaning up and fixing than the fairly plain top...


  1. That came out pretty nice. Success.

  2. The rearmost handle didn't come out, but other than that it's nothing a bit of scraping and filing won't fix! Inevitably, the day after I did this, I was reading a blog where the author suggested making one half of the mould (with a slight curve), letting it set, and then making the other half - that way, both halves will always align perfectly, and you don't have to go through the heart-stopping terror of trying to cut your mould in half without destroying the contents; so obvious in hindsight!