Sunday 8 August 2021

More mise en scene

I mean yes, I know I was strictly focused on the last few bits needed to play the first Rangers of Shadow Deep scenario, but I somehow seem to have finished these instead:

In my defence, the missing bit of scatter terrain arrived from Bad Squiddo and so I sprayed these at the same time to avoid wasting undercoat, and they were largely drybrushed to completion.

They (alongside the bucket on my well and a couple of barrels that are either half finished or didn’t get undercoated because they need a little green stuff love to fill some minor bubbling) came in a lot I won from the original Sippin’ on Paint Water blog many many moons ago - there’s a new one called Still Sippin’ on Paint Water here, but it hasn’t been updated in over a year now unfortunately, so I’m assuming it’s dead, which is a shame because look how lovely that coil of rope is!

So, next time: the actual things I need to finish painted!



  1. Great job on making some basic scatter terrain look really good!

  2. Great work on the scatter terrain